Down Payment with Gold

Down Payment with Gold

NPLS Homes will help you buying properties by down payment with gold.

If you are a little short of cash, we encourage you to bring your unwanted and unused gold and jewelry to our office. Once you have the resulting cash, you can direct that towards the down payment for your dream home!

Isn’t that amazing?


We update and post our rates every day based on the current market price. You will find these updated prices on the web page called Down Payment with Gold. For the purpose of transparency and to simplify the process, there is an online Gold for Cash calculator available for customers!

If you would like a free verbal gold appraisal, please call or email us at the given contact!

We accept all gold jewelry, coins, and gold bars with a few exceptions. If you have any questions about your item in particular, please contact us at the given phone number and email address! Our representative will be more than happy to assist you.

To help home buyers increase their cash flow during their home purchasing journey, NPLS Homes connects home buyers with our approved partners who can purchase their unwanted and unused gold jewelry to pay instant cash in return!

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