A Chance for Owners, Agent & Builders to Connect with Buyers 

 Submit Property Listing as an Owner by Usell-Comfree

 The usell-ComFree feature provides a unique opportunity for homeowners to list & sell their property without paying thousands of dollars commission. Our Real Estate Professional Team (Prime Plus Agents, Real Estate Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, etc.)   will provide one window solution, connect you with home buyers, help you to evaluate the listing price, prepare an offer and standard closing documents.

We will also provide selling sign and scheduling with buyers for showing to help you to sell your home faster with more saving

NPLS Homes will charge $900 for providing professional services, ( Payable after closing ).

Boost Your Business as a Prime Plus Agent

Get Text Messages for Pre-Approved Home buyers

Stop Waiting and Act Now!

Why Become Prime Plus Agent?

With NPLS Homes, potential home buyers can access a one page online solution.

We make their home purchase journey as easy as a click!

Buyers with special financing needs get pre-approval first!

As a Prime Plus Agent, you can access quick leads on pre-approved home buyers from Canada, USA, and foreign investors

No Hard Work Required to Convert Leads into Sales

One Step Ahead to Home Buying and Selling

Our process goes somewhat like this: home buyers send in a request for pre-qualification via NPLS Homes. We connect them with lenders to get pre-approved. Then, these pre-approved home buyers are recommended to our Prime Plus Agent based on the buyer’s place of residence or their interest in closing the deal.

Customize Your Lead Plan—Manage Your Budget

With us, you can customize your lead plan based on your jurisdiction; state or provincial or nationwide. You are in full control to select a plan that fits in your budget!


Submit  MLS Feed

You can submit multiple listings for sale from your local MLS Real Estate board. Moreover, your MLS can be authorized to integrate property listing feed on your behalf.

Submit Property Listing by Usell-Comfree

If there is a new listing you want to add, you can add ‘for sale’ and ‘new construction’ property manually. The method is fast and easy; you can be published within 48 hours!


At NPLS Homes, Home Owner can list as a member for $900 for professional services ( Payable after closings ).

If buyers contact owner from NPLS Homes portal without any external Real Estate Agent, you as a Home seller will not pay any additional fee or commission

Seller will pay Legal fee to real estate Lawyer for closing the deal (Refer to Seller Guide )

Buyer will pay Legal fee + Closing cost (refer to our FAQ > Interest Free Mortgage )

When you sign-up for membership as a Prime Plus Agent, you’ll be the only agent Pre-Approved buyers are referred to. Moreover, you will receive the buyer’s complete preference details: their home type and affordability among everything else!

You will know that type of property they are looking for, the preferred location, and the pre-approved mortgage amounts based on the financial information they have provided to lenders. If you take our word, Prime Plus Agents have the best end of the deal!

A Prime Plus Agent will be charged $ 600 /annum and 1 % from the property purchase price at the time of closing.

The Time is Now – Become a Prime Plus Agent today!